Costa Rica is without a doubt “for the birds.” But in a good way. There are almost 900 species of birds that dwell (at least off and on) within its borders. That is more than in the U.S. and Canada combined…in a country the size of West Virginia! I love pretty much all Costa Rica […]

Here’s an explanation from our resident naturalist expert, Yahaira, on what makes for the amazing degree of Costa Rica Biodiversity. Speciation A combination of factors has made this small Central American country – 51,100 Sq Km in its terrestrial part – own about 5% of the biodiversity on the planet. In a word, we could define […]

So you want to see some sea turtles in Costa Rica?  I really like saying that, “see sea turtles.” It’s kinda like that joke about loving “seafood” – if I can “see” it, I eat it. Okay, enough with the Costa Rica Guy corniness… Really, folks, Costa Rica is a sea turtle paradise. We have […]

Costa Rica’s major tourist areas draw hundreds of thousands each year. And, of course, everyone wants to see the hot spots, like the Arenal Volcano, the monkeys of Manuel Antonio National Park, or surf the friendly waves of Tamarindo beach. In the Costa Rica travel business sometimes it can be hard to convince folks to go “off […]

I have written repeatedly about the incredible depth of biological diversity that exists in Costa Rica. And the variety of Costa Rica bird species is one aspect where that diversity is displayed dramatically. Have you ever wondered why out of all the creatures, birds tend to be the most delicate and beautiful of all? Maybe it’s […]

I can remember back in my “conservative” days when they were trying to stop logging in the Pacific Northwest because it was endangering the habitat of a certain small owl.  I can recall thinking how absurd to put the brakes on an important commercial activity just because of this little insignificant creature. These days my thinking […]

I wanted to mention a really cool app that I downloaded to my Iphone the other day.  You might know that I am into the whole biodiversity and sustainability thing from my blog, Costa Rica Guy.  I am always on the lookout for opportunities to learn about nature and especially to identify species of flora […]

Growing up in the southern U.S., I have had my share of insect stings, mainly from that unattended can of soda on the school-yard playground that serves as a yellow-jacket magnet.  Here in Costa Rica, with something like 5 to 6% of the earth’s biodiversity, there are an untold number of creatures capable of delivering […]

I have written many times about the incredible depth of biological diversity that exists in Costa Rica. However, it is in the variety of bird species where that diversity is displayed most dramatically. Have you ever wondered why out of all the creatures, God made birds the most delicate and beautiful of all? Maybe it is […]

We have a curious little insect here in Costa Rica that we call the “leaf cutter ant.” One day I was doing a canopy tour with a couple of buddies from South Carolina. Out in the jungle we came across a line of leaf cutter ants. The ants are curious because each one will be […]

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