Costa Rica is unlike many tourist destinations that are one shot deals. You fly in, you get a hotel, you either stay put, or maybe venture out a little to see some local stuff, then you fly home. For that the typical travel agent on main street back home may work just fine. Or, heaven forbid, you could […]

So you want to see some sea turtles in Costa Rica?  I really like saying that, “see sea turtles.” It’s kinda like that joke about loving “seafood” – if I can “see” it, I eat it. Okay, enough with the Costa Rica Guy corniness… Really, folks, Costa Rica is a sea turtle paradise. We have […]

I can remember it just like it was yesterday. I was living in a little cottage on the island of Holden Beach, North Carolina. One day dad pulls up in the jeep with a monstrosity of a surfboard.  It must have been 12 feet long and weighed about three times what I did.  I was seven […]

My last post was on Costa Rica’s rivers. Well, as you might expect, where there are rivers and mountains, there are also lots of, can you guess?… WATERFALLS! Everybody loves those, right? Costa Rica has some spectacular ones. Here’s a list of ten that I really like…         1. The La Fortuna […]

Read Chris Guillebeau’s manifesto for the first time this morning. I don’t know why it has taking me so long to do that. I am a big fan of this young guy. I have read $100 Start-Up and follow his blog. Chris is much younger than I am. I only wish I could have had […]

It’s been a while since anyone called to learn more about the “the island of Costa Rica”, or booked flights in and out of the capital, “San Juan.” It used to happen quite frequently. I will admit before October of 2001, I had not the foggiest idea of where or what Costa Rica was. I […]

Sometimes our customers want a laid back Costa Rica experience. Others, however, want that adrenaline rush. If you’re in the latter group, our Costa Rica Pure Adrenaline design is the perfect one for you. The Costa Rica Triple Crown The three areas of Costa Rica that receive the most tourist traffic are the Arenal Volcano, […]

I must admit, it has been nice living in Costa Rica for the past 10 plus years and designing custom Costa Rica vacation packages for folks primarily in the U.S. and Canada. One thing doing that has permitted (or required) me to do is travel around a lot. I have been to just about every […]

Yesterday I wrote about how a custom Costa Rica vacation works better than just booking a flight, hotel and rental car. Another reason that is true is because of the variety of super cool Costa Rica boutique hotels. What is a boutique hotel? Well, my own definition would be a small hotel (less than, say, […]

Well, this weekend, I put a big dob of super glue in my chair and sat down to finish the Costa Rica’s Hidden Gems guide. It’s live! Please follow the advice below and you will make old Costa Rica Guy extremely happy…not to mention enlighten your knowledge of Cost Rica both broadly and deeply! Although […]

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