Costa Rica Guy Humor, Fun and Folklore

Costa Rica Guy Humor, Fun and Folklore

If you happened to catch my story then you will know that I have been around Costa Rica for quite a good while now. ¬†And during that time I have had some pretty crazy stuff happen to me…some good, some bad and some downright ugly.

Anyway here is where I list selected posts that really fill in the blanks of the Costa Rica Guy story…

Many of the posts below are just frivolous fun (sorry for those, but I just can’t help myself). Many are stories drawn from my personal blog, aptly named, Costa Rica Guy!

Costa Rica Smart Dogs

Como se Dice?

Living on Tico Time

Welcome to the Border, Can I Take Your Order?

La Poderosa Man!


Suicidal Shower

Raising Chickens in Perez Zeledon

And from the Costa Rica Guy Blog

One Hail of a Meeting

Running on Empty

If There’s a Will, There’s a Buey

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