Today’s post takes us to the Northwestern province of Guanacaste and the popular beach town known as Tamarindo. It is the “Jaco” of Guanacaste (as much as Jaco is the “Tamarindo” of Puntarenas). It is a bustling beach community that has become increasingly commercialized over the years. Nevertheless, it is extremely popular for the party […]

Costa Rica is without a doubt “for the birds.” But in a good way. There are almost 900 species of birds that dwell (at least off and on) within its borders. That is more than in the U.S. and Canada combined…in a country the size of West Virginia! I love pretty much all Costa Rica […]

I’ve written in the past explaining about the Costa Rica vacation consulting model that I currently use with my customers. Most of them “get it.” However, a few are a little slower… Since everything travel-related these days is so price-competitive, it’s completely understandable for folks to get confused about the fact that I do not […]

Costa Rica is unlike many tourist destinations that are one shot deals. You fly in, you get a hotel, you either stay put, or maybe venture out a little to see some local stuff, then you fly home. For that the typical travel agent on main street back home may work just fine. Or, heaven forbid, you could […]

Wow the tourism business has been tough these last few years!  People don’t want to spend a dime and when they do, man do they do it with attitude. That’s understandable, because in these tough economic times every dime counts. So, I am writing this to inform would-be travelers to Costa Rica a few things that I […]

In the tourism business I often get to see folks’ reaction to life in Costa Rica, or at least their sometimes shallow impression of it, as they receive their initial first-hand glimpse. There are inevitably the worn-out comparisons to the U.S. These usually concern things like quality of the roads, pollution emitted from old cars, and what many […]

I’ve been designing and managing fully prepaid and packaged Costa Rica vacations for well over a decade now. The packages have always included accommodations, activities, and in-country transportation. Historically, many vacationers have liked these types of tours because it takes the responsibility of planning a trip to a foreign country out of their hands and into […]

Everybody who knows anything about Costa Rica knows about Manuel Antonio National Park. Yes it is the smallest of Costa Rica’s national parks. Yes it is the most popular and most visited. But apart from those two things, here are 10 Manuel Antonio National Park facts you probably didn’t know… The Birth of the Park […]

Costa Rica is certainly known for its beaches. Heck, even Christopher Columbus noticed that, which is why he gave the land its name, Costa Rica, or “Rich Coast.” Perhaps three of the most well-known and popular Costa Rica beaches are Jaco, Manuel Antonio and Dominical, albeit for different reasons. Part of that is their proximity and […]

Many of our customers at Package Costa Rica are interested in knowing what the culture here is like. As with all Latin American countries, Costa Rica is rich in culture and tradition. Of course, the concept of “culture” cuts across all aspects of life. Based on my observations after living here for some time, here are ten […]

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