Our Costa Rica Vacation Site Story Begins Here

What a Long Strange Trip it’s Been

The Story of the Package Costa Rica Vacation Site…..

Package Costa Rica was borne in 2003 after I took a month long trip with a couple buddies to every nook and cranny of the country (Costa Rica). Our quest? Accumulate enough video and photos (and experiences) to create the best damn Costa Rica vacation site on the planet. Did we succeed? Probably not, but we sure had a lot of fun in the process.

At the time I was no stranger to this strange land. I had spent the previous two years working a business deal that eventually saw one of Costa Rica’s top private universities (Universidad Interamericana) sold off to a big U.S. public education company (then Sylvan, now Laureate Education). That piece of business brokerage had me traveling back and forth almost monthly during those 24 odd months. What happened to me is what happens to a lot of folks who spend too much time here….we fall in love with the place.

So, to be honest, Package Costa Rica started out as nothing more than an excuse. An excuse to come to Costa Rica more often, even after my deal was sealed. It did get sealed on my 43rd birthday (December 5th, 2003 to be exact). But by that time the Package Costa Rica vacation site was up and running and the excuses to return were flying. That started leading to some serious personal problems and before you know it, coming to Costa Rica needed no more excuses, I was home!

My little business aside then quickly became the way to sustain myself in paradise. Costa Rica has not always been that for me, but I still do very much love the place. During the ensuing 10 years I, along with my PCR team, have had the enjoyment of sharing our love of Costa Rica through our Costa Rica vacation site with 1,000’s of customers. We sincerely hope that you become one too.

Oh, and how did I choose the name Package Costa Rica?  Because our little Costa Rica vacation site “packages” all that is remarkable about this country we love and offers it to you…at an affordable rate, of course.  That was the idea, anyway.

To find out, you’ll just have to take us up on our offer.

Pura Vida,

Scott Bowers (aka, Costa Rica Guy)

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